We thrive on the successful completion of the most demanding projects.

Our performance as a highly focused applicator of a broad and diverse range of products has positioned us to offer the best solution and value for your coating requirements.

Understanding coating materials is the key to our success and has driven our capabilities beyond most coating providers.

DCS actively engineers and applies various precision technical coatings. Our customer driven focus has increased our capabilities allowing us to apply coatings on an almost unlimited variety of part sizes and configurations.  Services are provided to a wide range of quality demanding industries such as Technology and Oil and Gas. We excel in applying products as basic as powder coatings all the way to multi-coat Teflon™ coatings.

Chemical Tank Design: Engineered for Flawless Coating

Chemical tanks are crucial components in many industries, but achieving a flawless, long-lasting coating can be a challenge. This is where our expertise comes in. We understand the importance of proper tank design for optimal coating adhesion and performance.

Learn how our expertise in tank design and coatings creates a superior, long-lasting solution.


Desert Coating’s technical specialists ensure you receive the right coating for a your application.