Liquid Coating Applications

Liquid coatings are commonly used to combat against weatherability and enhance architectural aesthetics. Liquid coatings provide a level of protection against corrosion, chemical resistance, and offer safe, potable water options. Liquid powder coatings can be used to improve both form and function.

Common applications include but are not limited to urethanes, enamels, epoxies, lacquers and water-based paints, as well as CARC.

At Desert Coating Solutions, we work with you to identify the best coating for your project or object, whether that be liquid, powder, Fluoropolymer/Teflon™ coatings or otherwise. We have NACE inspectors on staff to ensure your project is done right. We also have facilities for the largest projects.

Liquid Coating Manufacturers

When you need the job done right, you rely on the best names in the business. That’s why Desert Coating Solutions uses top-grade industrial coatings by:







Sherwin Williams®



The variety of  liquid coatings is extensive. For any particular use, there are several liquid coatings that perform well. Here are a few use cases:

Our industrial coatings protect against abrasive wear caused by hard materials, metals, sand, grit and dust moving along the surface of mechanical components.

Used for surface modification, lubricity coatings provide varying levels of lubrication to surfaces in order to reduce wear, improve frictionless movement, enhance radiopacity, and protect against abrasion.

Non-stick coatings aren’t just for cookware. Non-stick coatings provide surface modifications to alter and improve the way your surface “wets” and handles heat.

Food and Drug Administration-compliant coatings are used in the food and beverage industry to meet the highest safety standards for food storage and offer long-lasting performance.

These types of industrial coatings are used to increase the max use temp of a surface for protection and improved performance.


Our technical specialists ensure you receive the right liquid coating for a your application. We also have NACE inspectors on staff to make certian your project is done right.