Applications for our coatings range from complex, multi-step fluoropolymers and ceramics, to large scale liquid coatings and simple powder coating. We have the facilities and expertise to handle just about any project.

Our industrial coatings protect against abrasive wear caused by hard materials, metals, sand, grit and dust moving along the surface of mechanical components.

Used for surface modification, lubricity coatings provide varying levels of lubrication to surfaces in order to reduce wear, improve frictionless movement, enhance radiopacity, and protect against abrasion.

Non-stick coatings aren’t just for cookware. Non-stick coatings provide surface modifications to alter and improve the way your surface “wets” and handles heat.

Food and Drug Administration-compliant coatings are used in the food and beverage industry to meet the highest safety standards for food storage and offer long-lasting performance.

Our coatings protect against corrosive environments. Our technical experts will provide a solution tailored to your project needs.

Our chemical-resistant coatings will combat corrosive chemicals and organic solvents, including acids, chlorine, and aqueous caustics. They include inexpensive sacrificial coatings and durable chemical barrier coatings.

These types of industrial coatings are used to increase the max use temp of a surface for protection and improved performance.