We develop and apply precision custom coatings providing maximum restorative, resistance and release properties to your products—lending our services to a wide range of industries from hospitality to technology. We offer Fluoropolymer/Teflon™, Ceramic, Liquid, Powder and Composite coatings. We also have facilities for your largest projects.


Consistent quality and exceeding our customer’s most demanding requirements for all of their coating needs.

From powder coatings to liquid coatings to industrial coatings of all kinds, see what makes Desert Coating Solutions the leader in functional applications for engineering, architectural, motorsports and more.


People are the heart of any business. We’ve got 70 employees including technical specialists, NACE inspectors and trained pros that will ensure your project is done right — on time, everytime.


We have multiple wheelabrators, a 40,000lb forklift and 40,000 square feet under roof. We also have a 9 acre outdoor area for large projects. We are conveniently located and have freeway access.

Desert Coating | 3883 W. Lower Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85009

Our sister company for large format projects.

Work with large projects?
We’ve got you covered.

Standard Coating is our sister company that handles the largest liquid coating projects well as large projects at your location.

Want to see for yourself? Call 602 253 7875 to schedule a tour.


As we have grown, so has our consumption of resources.  We evaluated every aspect of our business to determine financially justifiable ways we could become more environmentally responsible, energy efficient and sustainable. Take a moment to browse some of the steps we have completed in our mission to “go green”.

Synthetic Oil – We use full synthetic base stock oils in all our equipment. The main benefit is to extend the oil change intervals.

Oil Lab Testing – Changing oil at prescribed intervals, for example every 5000 miles, once a year or 4000 hours is an inefficient way to use a finite resource.  Desert Powder Coating moved to performing Oil Analysis on all our equipment.  By using Oil Analysis technology we extend our oil change intervals and only change oil that has been completely used to its full potential.

This project has been a beneficial in both environmentally sustainable terms and direct company costs.