Industrial Halar ECTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) Coatings

Industrial Halar ECTFE is a high-performance, semi-crystalline fluoropolymer coating and film that offers heavy-duty resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and fire. Halar ECTFE combines a unique blend of properties to deliver long-lasting performance for a wide range of applications and allows for numerous design possibilities. Notable properties of ECTFE include excellent chemical resistance, outstanding permeation resistance, exceptional surface properties, good adhesion and high purity. Introduced in 1970, ECTFE has been widely used in industries that require a durable, corrosion resistant coatings, linings, jacketing or membranes. ECTFE coatings are resistant to acids in high concentrations and temperatures, caustic media, oxidizing agents and many solvents.

ECTFE coatings and materials are lightweight, light-transparent and offer long-term stability in sunlight and harsh weather. The smooth ECTFE surface limits the adhesion of dust and dirt and reduces the risk of contamination buildup and corrosion.

ECTFE has a wide continuous usage temperature range from -105ºF to +300ºF. It offers exceptional impact resistance and a Young’s modulus in the range of 1700 MPa, which allows for self-standing items and pressure piping systems. ECTFE offers high-impact strength even in cryogenic applications.

Halar ECTFE is widely used in many applications, including Architectural Membranes; Chemical Processing; Chemical Resistant Membranes; Front sheet Films for Photovoltaic Modules; Coatings, Linings and Jacketing for Oil & Gas Applications; Plumbing Pipes and Valves for Industrial Systems; Protective Linings for Piping and Tanks; Coatings and Linings for Semiconductors; Jacketing for Wire & Cable Applications

ECTFE demonstrates good fire resistance with a limiting oxygen index of 52%. This is between the fully fluorinated polymers PTFE, PFA and FEP with a limiting oxygen index of 95% and other partially fluorinated polymers like PVDF with a limiting oxygen index of 44% and ETFE with a limiting oxygen index of 30%.

ECTFE also offers exceptional electrical insulation—high resistivity, low dielectric constant, and low dissipation factor—making it ideal for use as wire and cable jacketing. Similar to other fluoropolymers, ECTFE has good UV resistance, allowing its use for outdoor applications. ECTFE filmscan be transparent.

ECTFE can be applied in different ways, including:

  • Electrostatic powder coating on metal surfaces
  • Roto-lining on metal surfaces
  • Sheet lining on metal surfaces or fiber-reinforced plastic
  • Extrusion or injection molding of self-standing items
  • Roto-molding of self-standing items
  • As protective film with adhesive

ECTFE powder has been used for several decades in electrostatic powder coating. It has a good film forming characteristic, can be applied in certain cases directly to the metal without a primer and leads to a high coating thickness. ECTFE powder coatings thickness normally varies from 0.2 mm to over 2 mm with a special grade for high build up.

The most important application of ECTFE is in the field of corrosion protection. ECTFE has been used for several decades in different industries:

  • Bleaching towers in pulp and paper
  • Sulfuric acid production and storage
  • Flue gas treatment in particular in the SNOX and WSA process
  • Electrolysis collectors or drying towers in the chlorine industry
  • Transport vessels for hazardous goods, in particular class 8
  • Halogen related industry (bromine, chlorine, fluorine)
  • Acid handling (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen halides, hydrogen sulfide, etc.)
  • Mining applications, in particular high-pressure heap leach

ECTFE is available as monofilament fiber for applications in the chemical process industry and in flue gas treatment. In many ways the chemical properties resemble PTFE but with a lower melting point. Halar ECTFE is marketed by Solvay Specialty Polymers, a subsidiary of Solvay.

Applications of Halar ECTFE

  • Aerospace: Because of its good fire resistance and optical properties, ECTFE films are utilized extensively in the aerospace industry. ECTFE is used for manufacturing gaskets for storing liquid oxygen and other propellants for aerospace applications.
  • Architectural Membranes: Halar ECTFE film is widely used for high-performance architectural membranes. A unique combination of properties in Halar ECTFE form an exceptional material for architectural membranes and offer numerous design possibilities. ECTFE is lightweight and light-transparent and offers extended long-term stability (more than 20 years) in sunlight and harsh weather. ECTFE is also fire-resistant approved, and offers both chemical resistance and barrier properties. Low surface tension and a smooth surface limits the adhesion of dust and dirt, which are washed off with minimal rain and wind. ECTFE films are also recyclable.
  • Chemical Resistant Membranes: Halar ECTFE offers excellent chemical resistance over a broad range of temperatures and is stable at pH levels from 1 to 14. ECTFE must be processed at temperatures close to its melting point (200–240ºC/392–464ºF)
  • Chemical Processing: Halar ECTFE offers high-level chemical and permeability resistance for chemical processing industry (CPI) applications, including: high-performance coatings; filtration and separation; pump diaphragms, filter components; gas separation membranes; linings; fluid handling, gas handling. ECTFE coatings meet stringent standards for chemical and temperature resistance needed for fab equipment, clean rooms, fluid handling systems and waste disposal.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: ECTFE is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for equipment that is exposed to chemical cleaning. ECTFE coatings meet stringent standards for chemical and temperature resistance needed for fab equipment, clean rooms, fluid handling systems and waste disposal. ECTFE is often recommended for high purity fluid systems in pharmaceutical and biotech industries, where the process surface must be smooth, chemically inert and resistant to bio-fouling.
  • Semiconductors: Halar ECTFE coatings and linings offer outstanding fire and corrosion protection to semiconductor applications. ECTFE is widely used as a coating or lining material for exhaust ducts, vessels and process equipment. ECTFE powder coatings enable exhaust duct systems to meet the FM4922 fire safety standard. ECTFE coated ductwork features exceptionally smooth surface to reduce the risk of contamination buildup and corrosion.
  • Oil & Gas Applications: With exceptional chemical and permeation resistance, Halar ECTFE offers superior performance for powder coatings; sheet lining; extruded liners; dual laminates; electromechanical cable jacketing; subsea umbilicals; and applications exposed to supercritical CO2 (sCO2).
  • Front sheet Films for Photovoltaic Modules: Halar ECTFE films are UV stable and transmit more than 90% of visible light. They also feature excellent fire resistance and rugged, mechanical performance. Photovoltaic (PV) modules made with Halar ECTFE film are super durable and meet toughest industry requirements.
  • Industrial Plumbing Pipes and Valves: Halar ECTFE is a partially fluorinated melt-processable polymer. This means it can blend the performance features of PVDF and fully fluorinated polymers. Outstanding resistance to oxidation makes ECTFE suitable for piping in the harshest chemical environments.
  • Industrial Piping and Tanks: Halar ECTFE adds outstanding resistance to extreme chemicals and extreme temperatures to protective linings. ECTFE is an ideal protectant for piping, tanks and other vessels. Lining options include sheet lining, extruded lining, rotational lining, powder coating or FRP dual laminate.
  • Wire & Cable Applications: As jacketing for wires and cables, Halar ECTFE offers excellent weatherability, chemical and thermal resistance, and durability.


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