Industrial coatings provide protective resistant, restorative, and release properties to objects.  And while functional in nature, the coatings often times enhance the visual and performance aesthetic of the objects we coat.  They can be applied to a variety of surfaces to improve the functionality of a variety of products and parts ranging from bake and cookware, appliances and heavy equipment to nuts, bolts and pipes.

We support multiple industries nationwide and around the globe with high-quality, precision industrial coatings.

Our Manufacturers

When you need the job done right, you rely on the best names in the business. That’s why Desert Coating Solutions uses top-grade industrial coatings by:


Desert Coating Solutions performs only the highest grade industrial coatings for outstanding finishes and precision fits, every time.

Food and Drug Administration-compliant coatings are used in the food and beverage industry to meet the highest safety standards for food storage and offer long-lasting performance.

Used for surface modification, lubricity coatings provide varying levels of lubrication to surfaces in order to reduce wear, improve frictionless movement, enhance radiopacity, and protect against abrasion.

Non-stick coatings aren’t just for cookware. Non-stick coatings provide surface modifications to alter and improve the way your surface “wets” and handles heat.


Desert Coating’s technical specialists ensure you receive the right powder coating for a your application, whether it be PTFE®, FEP®, PFA®, ETFE®, TeflonTM coatings, or others.